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A motivational tool for Cloetta’s field teams


Cloetta Suomi Oy is part of Cloetta Group, a leading confectionery company in the Nordic region. Cloetta has 230 employees in Finland. Over half of them manage product sales and displays through various sales channels around the country. Cloetta’s best-known and most popular brands include Xylitol-Jenkki, Mynthon, Sisu, Tupla, TV Mix and Aakkoset.

Cloetta began using SnapShop three years ago, to help it manage its widely distributed sales field.

“We want to ensure that the brand looks the same in all stores from Helsinki to Ivalo”, says Anna Peuravaara, Trade Marketing Manager at Cloetta.

Snapshop is used by staff managing product displays around Finland. They use the solution to report their actions to headquarters in Turku, where photos collected from the field enable activities such as the planning of new campaigns. Individually emailed, untagged photos are a thing of the past.

“SnapShop enables easy monitoring on a daily or even real-time basis, and photos can be quickly compiled for displays and reports. Actions can be compared to sales figures to evaluate the success of different solutions.

SnapShop is used by everyone involved in sales and marketing: this photo-based system is highly intuitive.

“In fact, we’re making much wider use of the application than we originally thought. We use SnapShop to monitor the impact of checkout display material in each region. We can also spot issues such as structural or technical problems in displays.”

Introducing the application was easy and the staff found it intuitive.

“SnapShop earned plenty of praise as a pleasant and practical tool. Sales staff in the field use this mobile application on their phones or tablets, but it’s mainly used on desktops in the offices. “

At Cloetta, the ‘Comment’ and ‘Like’ features have a motivational function, being used to maintain a positive vibe and good team spirit.

“We aim to continuously develop as SnapShop users, by pushing each other to benefit from it more actively and by suggesting new uses. SnapShop is easy to use, but offers a huge range of possibilities.

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