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More Mobile Relations uses cookies to gather visitor statistics and detailed data on the use of our website. We use such data to help us present issues and themes of interest to our customers. More Mobile may also use data gathered using cookies and other methods to target content at customers. More Mobile does not forward the personal data of its customers or website users to third-party advertising networks.

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Privacy policy

1. Controller

More Mobile Relations Finland Oy (hereinafter More Mobile)
Business ID: 2519722-5
Erottajankatu 9 A 6
00130 Helsinki

2. Person in charge of the register

Jari Anttonen
More Mobile Relations Finland Oy
Tel: +358 50 381 8937

3. Name of register

A customer register based on More Mobile’s customer contacts and other relevant contacts (the ”More Mobile customer register”)

4. Purpose of using personal data

The personal data is used for managing and analysing customer contacts and other relevant contacts, service production and personalisation, business development and planning, and marketing and customer communications.

5. Content of register

All of the following data recorded on the register may be processed:

  • first name and surname
  • contact information (postal address, telephone number and email address)
  • the start and end dates of customer contacts and/or relevant contacts, and method how of these started or ended
  • direct marketing permits and bans
  • data on the use of digital services and content (e.g. ordering of newletters), metadata concerning the data subject’s browser and sent to the controller’s server (e.g. IP address, browser program, browser version, page from which the data subject visited our website), as well as cookies sent to the data subject’s browser and cookie-related data
  • information related to marketing or sales promotions, such as marketing measures targeted at the data subject, and participation in such marketing (e.g. participation in promotional prize draws and competitions, and events)
  • data related to the management and maintenance of customer contacts and other related contacts (e.g. data on the purchase and cancellation of payable products and services, data on free-of-charge product and service orders, delivery information, feedback, complaints, as well as recordings of customer service interactions such as telephone calls, emails, and chat and text messages)
  • matters of interest indicated by the data subject
  • the language used
  • data on changes made to the data listed above
  • Data generated by analysing service use or other data provided by the customer, e.g. possible subjects of interest.

In addition to the above-mentioned data, the following register data on a product and/or service purchaser may be processed:

  • customer code
  • invoicing and debt-collection data

6. Regular data sources

Personal data on the data subject is gathered from the data subject themselves, from various services used by the data subject (e.g. More Mobile network and mobile services, and More Mobile social media channels) as well as various marketing measures in relation to activities such as promotional prize draws, competitions and events.

In addition, personal data can be collected and updated from public authorities and companies providing services that involve personal data.

7. Handover and transfer of data

The controller will not hand over the Customer’s personal data to third parties.

8. Protection of register

The data included on the digital register is protected by firewalls, encryption, passwords and other technical means generally accepted in the sector. Manually maintained material is located on premises subject to controlled access.

Only pre-identified employees working for and assigned by the controller, or working for companies acting on behalf of the controller, have access to data on the register, on the basis of user rights issued by the controller.

9. Right of access, restriction of processing and rectification

According to the Personal Data Act, data subjects have the right of access to information, to check on what data pertaining to them has been recorded in the register. Upon the request of the data subject, we will make any necessary rectifications and additions to the personal data or, with regard to the purpose of processing the data, erase any erroneous, unnecessary, incomplete or outdated data. To check and update data, contact the above-mentioned person in charge of register-related matters.

Data subjects have the right to object to the processing and handover of data concerning them direct advertising, distance selling and other direct marketing, as well as market survey and opinion-polling purposes.

10. Amending the privacy policy

More Mobile continuously develops its business operations and therefore reserves the right to make changes to this privacy policy. Changes may also be made on the grounds of legislative amendments.

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