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How Nestle rises to the challenge of monitoring in-store executions in wide-ranging product categories


Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company. Best-known brands in Finland include for example Piltti, Maggi and Nescafe. In addition to importing and marketing, Nestle Finland also manufactures groceries in its Finnish food factories.

Agile and user-friendly tool is needed in order to control in-store executions in wide-ranging product categories such as baby food, pet food, cereals, cookware, sweets and drinks.

“SnapShop is the solution to monitor our in-store executions in grocery stores. Sales representatives and merchandisers can now report executions easily by taking photos while visiting the customer’s store”, explains Juha Nousiainen, Field Sales Manager of Nestle Finland.

Nestle has over 2000 brands worldwide. Without tag-based automatic categorization of photos, monitoring specific campaigns or retail executions would be almost impossible.

“Photos are stored and organized by actions and customer relationships supporting us in following up roll-outs of campaigns.”

“Every SnapShop user in Nestle Finland’s organization can view and comment the photos taken. The transparency created by the app has had an encouraging, positive effect on the quality of the retail executions”, Nousiainen states.

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