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An intuitive reporting tool for Lumene


Lumene Oy is a Finnish manufacturer of cosmetics, which uses the pure natural ingredients of the north in the manufacture of its high-quality products. Lumene’s products are marketed in places such as department stores and hypermarkets, in which eye-catching, attractive displays are critical to sales.

Lumene has trusted in SnapShop for four years. For example, the application is in active use by the marketing department in addition to consultants and shop-display sales representatives. The need for an intuitive reporting tool arose during the digitalization of sales activities.

“Prior to the introduction of SnapShop, pictures were sent as e-mail attachments. This approach was troublesome for both the sender and the recipient of the pictures. At the moment, it is difficult to imagine returning to the previous situation”, says Petri Hakala, National Field Sales Manager at Lumene.

Salespeople in the field are mainly responsible for sending the pictures, but the image feed is followed by a much wider group of Lumene’s staff on a daily basis.

“The application’s ‘like’ feature is much used”, confirms Hakala.

SnapShop makes it easy for everyone to follow what’s going on in the field, but the application provides valuable information for Key Account Managers in particular.  

The introduction of SnapShop for new users has been smooth and they describe it as good, useful and intuitive.

“The basic functions are very easy to learn and we haven’t received negative feedback from the application’s users. Forgotten passwords have been the biggest problem related to the application. It is easy to add new users and pictures are handily available in archived format from the gallery”, Hakala adds. 

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