SnapShop helps monitor in-store executions, ensure a consistent shopper experience, verify store display completions and collect store-level insight

The easiest mobile app for retail execution and visual marketing

The many advantages of SnapShop

Your retail execution and retail audit solution

Get more visibility into your field operations


what your customers see

Follow in real time your in-store merchandising


the creation and snapshots of displays

Streamline your retail execution and field marketing operations


reporting to managers and customers

Motivate field teams to achieve excellent results at the point of sale


in-store staff to achieve excellent results

Who should use SnapShop?

An easy app made for brand and wholesale teams

    Facilitates visibility into store and field operations

    An easy, fast photo sharing app

    In-store reports easily and instantaneously

Need an easy and fast way to monitor in-store marketing?

SnapShop is intuitive and fast

Snapshop’s features for field teams, field merchandisers, sales team

Field team:

  1. Start the application
  2. Take a picture
  3. Enter a tag and send the picture
  4. View pictures taken by other users

Snapshop’s features for field teams, field merchandisers, sales team


  1. Select the stores, products and campaigns to be monitored
  2. Review the shared photos of displays
  3. Give feedback, motivate
  4. Monitor sales, identify best practices and compile reports
Snapshop’s features for brand and wholesalers managers
Snapshop’s features for brand and wholesalers managers

Customisable features

Monitoring retail execution or sharing inspirational ideas have never been so easy

Features of our store management mobile app

Success stories are never about luck

The SnapShop application has boosted sales and made the monitoring of in-store marketing easier.

“It’s handy for sharing best practices and outstanding displays with other stores”, says Taipale.

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“SnapShop has met our needs brilliantly. The app provides everyone with real-time information on the status of campaigns, which enables easy reporting to clients”, says Conaxess Trade’s marketing coordinator Mikaela Melander.

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“We needed a new tool for collecting campaign data. So we discovered SnapShop, a mobile app that collects, analyzes and decides real-time data from the various stores around. I have no words describing how much easier my working day became after we started using Snapshop”, says Ulrikke.

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“Around 100 of our employees, from interns all the way up to the CEO, use SnapShop. Everyone can access the pictures and the ‘Like’ feature is in constant use. “

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“Our challenge was that we did not have a complete system where we could document our campaigns in the stores”, says Mondelez Norway’s sales system coordinator Per-Arne Baakind.

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“We want to ensure that the brand looks the same in all stores from Helsinki to Ivalo”, says Anna Peuravaara, Trade Marketing Manager at Cloetta.

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“Prior to the introduction of SnapShop, pictures were sent as e-mail attachments. This approach was troublesome for both the sender and the recipient of the pictures. At the moment, it is difficult to imagine returning to the previous situation”, says Petri Hakala, National Field Sales Manager at Lumene.

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“SnapShop is the solution to monitor our in-store executions in grocery stores. Sales representatives and merchandisers can now report executions easily by taking photos while visiting the customer’s store”, explains Juha Nousiainen, Field Sales Manager of Nestle Finland.

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