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Searching & sharing images became a breeze for Oy Transmeri Ab field reps


Oy Transmeri Ab is an importer and distributor of daily consumer goods and selective cosmetics in Finland and the Baltics. Transmeri entered its first long-term partnerships as an agent for SC Johnson in 1931 and Chanel in 1933. Thousands of product names pass through its distribution channels every day, and its sales staff make 10,000 customer visits a year.

The company has been using SnapShop for two years. Sales Manager Tomi Puusaari noted the benefits of the application in his former job and soon introduced it to Oy Transmeri Ab.

“We used to save pictures in our customer information system, but no tag data was added. This made picture searches time-consuming in the mass of data”, says Puusaari.

Few users had access to the pictures in the system and Puusaari wanted to make picture sharing more open and crowd-based. SnapShop now ranks alongside email as a key part of the employees’ tool-set.

“Around 100 of our employees, from interns all the way up to the CEO, use SnapShop. Everyone can access the pictures and the ‘Like’ feature is in constant use. “

SnapShop entered daily use without a hitch when introduced two years ago.

“The user instructions are clear and the application is highly intuitive”, Puusaari adds.

SnapShop also makes life easy for system administrators. Puusaari explains that adding a new employee, salesperson, category or tag data is easy.

Pictures serve many purposes

10 to 30 pictures are uploaded daily, as our reps in the field busily report their latest news. In addition, our staff often record pictures from store visits.

“Successes, launches, competitor activities, or just interesting developments in the sector – these are all reported through SnapShop. Tips and inspiration for your own work are easy to find in the picture archives,” says Puusaari, listing SnapShops’ many uses.

Automatic picture archival based on tag data is a key feature for Transmeri, which represents around 50 brands. 

“The picture gallery would be chaotic without tag data and the categories it generates. Pictures can now be quickly retrieved for purposes such as presentation material or reports sent to clients.”

Transmeri has widened the use of the application beyond sales.

“We also use SnapShop to take pictures of meetings and celebrations at trade fairs.”

Puusari expresses his gratitude to the developers for the way they take account of users.

“It’s been great to see how they listen to our users and design new features on the basis of development ideas.”

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